Floe | ART on theMART


Nightly at 8:30pm and 9pm

Chicago Riverwalk, between Wells and Franklin


Projected onto the south facade of the Mart, Floe will run nightly April-June. Derived from an earlier work-for-stage, Floe is a piece that spotlights climate change and denialism, extreme weather and vanishing ice, bodies of water and ultimately, bodies.

For Floe on the MART, we team with long-time collaborators. The stellar team of visual/video artists is Bob Faust, Liviu Pasare, and Andrew Glatt, who are building a dynamic projection that weaves dance, word, and image. Fashion designer Maria Pinto/M2057 has created architectural garments in an array of watery blues. Mikhail Fiksel has crafted a soundscape that includes field recordings of ice, water, and rain, and Seth Bockley provides text that moves from irreverent to elegiac. Choreographed and directed by Carrie Hanson. Performed by ensemble members Dee Alaba, Sarah Gonsiorowski, Damon Green, and Maggie Vannucci.

Toolbox at Twenty


Hyde Park Art Center

Toolbox at Twenty is an exhibit and performance series based on The Seldoms' “Toolbox” project, initially developed in 2017 within an international exchange with Glasgow visual artists. Toolbox is a translation project entailing a cross-disciplinary dialogue to inspire new choreographic tactics.  More about TOOLBOX

For the exhibit, we have invited four exciting Chicago artists to exchange with us and install their artwork: Jackie Kazarian, Edra Soto, Jacqueline Surdell, and sound artist Sadie Woods.


More info coming soon