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Marchland was spurred by collaborator Fraser Taylor's animation – "Crevice". Made by drawing directly onto 16mm filmstrip, the miniature inscriptions took on a capricious visceral shift when projected, producing an agitated bombardment of images. "Crevice" became our visual and conceptual point of departure and led us to think about spatial politics – the designation, negotiation and claiming of space. "Marchland" refers to a border region – the threshold between two places. Many different types of physical or psychological boundaries are invoked in the piece – barriers between bodies, actions between groups, and constructions built to delineate these boundaries. The incessant shifting of images in the original "Crevice" is felt in Marchland as a ceaseless reconfiguring of alliances and territories.

Premiere, MCA Stage in March 2010
Presented Isadora Festival of International Dance, Russia in June 2010
Presented Links Hall, Chicago in June 2018


Choreography & Direction:

Carrie Hanson


Additional Direction:

Doug Stapleton


Animation & Set Design:

Fraser Taylor


Costume Design:

Lara Miller

Percussion & Sound Design:

Tim Daisy


Video & Sound Design:

Nicholas O'Brien


Lighting Design:

Julie Ballard


Set Consultation:

Joel Huffman


Paige Cunningham
Philip Elson
Christina Gonzalez-Gillett
Damon Green
Amanda McAlister
Bruce Ortiz
Cara Sabin
Trevor Szuba-Schneider

"It seduces the viewer: It's drop-dead gorgeous." — Chicago Tribune


"The movement is large and bold, linear and beautiful to watch for the ever-changing visual picture in this hour-long, uninterrupted slice of life-goes-on." —

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