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GRASS is a multimedia piece about turf grass and cannabis, woven into a larger American story of environmental and social ills, and the persistent strain that underlies both—an impulse toward monoculture. Through text, dance, animation, and historical imagery, GRASS shows how the lawn and marijuana have each been used to measure morality, impose ideals of citizenship, and to stigmatize, criminalize, and exclude those who don’t conform. GRASS is a timely work, as both environmental and racial reckonings continue to accelerate across our land.

PREMIERE: October 14-16, 2021 at the Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago

NAMED "Top 10 moments in Dance in 2021" Chicago Tribune
NAMED "Top 5 in Dance in 2021" Newcity Stage

The GRASS project, conceived by TS Artistic Director Carrie Hanson in her second collaboration with writer and theater director Seth Bockley, bridges the company’s works about environment (climate, plastics, landfills) and their previous works about power, position, and equity. With ensemble members Dee Alaba, Sarah Gonsiorowski, Damon Green, and Maggie Vannucci, and animator Lisa Barcy, fashion designer Maria Pinto, lighting designer Julie Ballard, sound designer Jeffrey Levin, and projectionist Liviu Pasare.


The Seldoms is a 2020 NDP Finalist Grant Award recipient. Support was made possible by the New England Foundation for the Arts with funding from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to address sustainability needs during COVID-19 and in support of GRASS.

pc: Andrew Glatt


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