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We welcome you to join us for Open Company Class! Material is designed for advanced and professional dancers. Train with us in the gorgeous new studios at Visceral Dance Center — challenge your technical practice, hone your movement pick-up, strengthen your body, and excite your sense of play-in-motion.
Tuesdays, 12-1:15pm

Note: no class on February 28


Christina Gonzalez-Gillett

Christina was an ensemble member and Assistant Director from 2003-2017, and is currently the Education & Engagement Coordinator. She masterfully leads a rigorous technique class with equal doses of humor and attention to detail. Focused around Rudolf Laban's theories of movement practice and the work of Irmgard Bartinieff, Christina blends her background in traditional forms of modern dance with release-based techniques. This focus asks dancers to notice qualitative variation, points of initiation and attention to space while challenging physical strength and stamina facilitating the discovery of dynamics on a large and small scale.


Maggie Vannucci
Maggie has been an ensemble member since 2018. Her classes are heavily influenced by training in various release techniques as well as Bartenieff fundamental body patterns learned throughout her time with The Seldoms. The movement builds on itself, beginning with floor work exploring an anatomy based theme to then be complicated traveling in and out of the floor. Her phrases explore the multiple planes of space while fluidly inverting and spiraling to find connections off of an upright plane. She is invested in cultivating a space of open conversation about somatic sensory experiences throughout the class, as well as a space of experimenting with pathways that are efficient to your unique anatomy.





The Seldoms' week-long Summer Intensive is a space of dance exploration and exchange, of physical and poetic calisthenics. We invite you to inform, not perform, our material.
We hope to resume in Summer 2023 — stay tuned for further information.


It's a chance to learn with and from The Seldoms' ensemble members and Founding Artistic Director, Carrie Hanson, all of whom are skilled, inspired educators|coaches|facilitators in a variety of compositional and physical practices: yoga, cross-fit, modern, voguing, hiphop, ballet, bodywork, Laban/Bartenieff, Pilates.

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