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Stupormarket is a dance theater work about the 2008 economic crisis and recession. From the luxury market to the unemployment line, and the trading floor to the housing market, Stupormarket ranges broadly across the economic terrain and two different camps of economic thought - New Keynesian and Neoclassicist. The culmination of a three-year long project about the economy, Stupormarket expands upon two previous short works - Thrift and Death of a (Prada) Salesman. The extended nature of the project was designed to track the recession through its lifespan.
Premiere at Stage 773, Chicago in February 2011.
Presented at Joyce SoHo, NYC in June 2011.


Choreography & Direction:

Carrie Hanson



Richard Woodbury
Wolfgang A. Mozart
Will and the Willing Rock and Rollinger

Additional Sound:

Excerpts from "The Financial Meltdown and the Future of American Politics" lecture by Paul Krugman at Princeton University


Sound Design:

Richard Woodbury
Julie Ballard
Carrie Hanson


Lighting Design:

Julie Ballard

Costume Design:

Carrie Hanson


Voice of "The Bear":

Michael Dobbs



Paige Cunningham
Philip Elson
Christina Gonzalez-Gillett
Damon Green
Amanda McAlister
Javier Ramos
Cara Sabin
Trevor Szuba-Schneider

"Stupormarket," a one-act dance about our economic meltdown, is just plain terrific, a smart, tireless tour de force both thoughtful and entertaining. - Chicago Tribune

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