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Monument is a dance theater work that explores the relationship between the human environment and the natural environment, and the extent to which that relationship has become unbalanced. Monument is built around the notion of inadvertent (and in some cases disastrous) human monuments, like the Fresh Kills Landfill on Staten Island that, at its peak, was taller than the Statue of Liberty. Monument follows the voracious, frenzied course of our individual acts of consumption along the one-way ride to the trash-heap. This final destination, the landfill - that accidental social sculpture - looms large in Monument, a physical culmination of desire and expenditure.

Premiere Ruth Page Center for the Arts, Chicago in 2008
Presented Stage 773, Chicago in 2013


Concept & Direction:

Carrie Hanson



Carrie Hanson with the company



Joel Huffman


Jackie Kazarian
Doug Stapleton

Costume Design:

Abigail Glaum-Lathbury

Lighting Design:

Julie Ballard


Julius Carter
Christina Gonzalez-Gillett
Damon Green
Carrie Hanson
Jonathan Meyer
Nikki Pinchott
Cara Sabin

Sound Design:

Richard Woodbury



The Deviants
Vinko Globokar
Zbigniew Karkowski
Ulf Langheinrich
The Rolling Stones
Iannis Xenakis

"Trash may be the subject of artistic director Carrie Hanson's landfill-inspired 'Monument', but her intelligent approach to the long-term repercussion of consumption and waste is a breath of fresh air." – Chicago Tribune, 2008 premiere


"Ferocious choreography and implacably savage dancers bring abstractions to life, aided by Richard Woodbury's sound design, which includes the noise of a barge chugging, a garbage truck churning, glass breaking...Together, Hanson's ingenuity and the dancers' magnificent daredevilry sweep the viewer into a state of ecstatic outrage." — Chicago Tribune, 2013 remount

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