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Superbloom is a multi-media dance work about radical beauty, wildness and wildflowers. With spectacular costuming and animation, this hyper-visual work stages the fantastic color of the rare wildflower phenomenon. Superbloom aims for splendor as a mirror of the sublime beauty of the natural world and posits awe as a mode of reconnecting to nature, and to one another.

PREMIERE: June 1, 2023 at the Harris Theater for Music and Dance


pc: William Frederking


Choreography & Direction:

Carrie Hanson


Performance & movement
development by The Ensemble:

Gabriela Chavez
Damon D. Green

Haley Marcin

Timothy Tsang

Maggie Vannucci

Music  Composition & Performance

Finom (Sima Cunningham & Macie Stewart) with Emerson Hunton

Visual Design:

Jackie Kazarian

Projection Design:

Liviu Pasare


Lighting Design & Technical Direction

Julie Ballard



Damon D. Green

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