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Staged in a drained, Olympic-sized outdoor swimming pool, GIANT FIX was inspired by a personal, pre-sleep experience in which usual perceptions of scale and fixity are radically altered. Strategies of constant flux, hypermobility and extreme and oppositional vantage points were employed in the choreography. The pool provides an environment that supports one of the initial intentions - offering the audience dual vantage points to this skewed, underground performance space. GIANT FIX was made with the support of the Chicago Dancemaker's Forum, by which Carrie Hanson was selected as a 2005 Lab Artist.



Carrie Hanson;
additional movement by the



Costume Design:

Lara Miller


Live music:

Andy Hasenpflug
Corbett Lunsford


Lisa Barcy


Set Design:

Kevin Newhall


Lighting Design:

Margaret Nelson


Christina Gonzalez-Gillett
Jen Grisham
Krenly Guzman
Carrie Hanson
Brian Robert Hinkle
Bruce Ortiz

"Hanson's emphasis on shifting perspectives and on the interconnectedness of art and life reminds us of the value of humanism, of gentleness and uncertainty and imagination, even of relativism. You're constantly aware that the people at the other end of the pool are seeing something very different from what you're seeing. And sometimes it's good to be reminded that the only rule is that there are no rules."

—Chicago Reader

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